About the project

The project “Open Administration Zdiby and D8 Corridor” aims to improve the quality, openness and transparency of public administration in the area of 14 municipalities located north of Prague and adjacent to the D8 motorway. The aim of the project is to strengthen cooperation between local governments, the public, businesses and non-profit organisations in the interest of sustainable development of the place.

Increasing investment construction, such as logistics complexes, mining or chemical industries, linear road and rail constructions and airports, brings irreversible changes to the landscape and subsequent impacts on climate, emissions and water regime. Therefore, municipalities and cities in this area are forced to engage in complicated procedures, explain the environmental impact of these projects to the public and ensure transparent communication with citizens.

The project “Open Administration Zdiby and the D8 Corridor” aims to respond to these challenges and improve the ability of public administration to respond to the needs of citizens, to communicate properly with all groups of citizens in the long term and to involve the general public in planning and decision-making processes. In cooperation with the Norwegian partner, the city of Vaksdal, the project focuses on sharing experiences of successful changes in the city’s industrial zone, building a bypass, motorway and railway.

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