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Municipality Zdiby

The village of Zdiby is located in a lucrative area in the northern part of the capital city of Prague. The advantage of its excellent accessibility is largely devalued by traffic congestion, noise and related immissions. The representatives of the municipality have therefore taken it upon themselves to develop this location in a high-quality and sustainable way. Life here is very negatively affected by the adjacent D8 motorway, air traffic from the nearby Václav Havel Airport, as well as local congestion. And on top of all that, the cadastre of the village is still crossed by the route of the planned Prague ring road (part of the SOKP 519 – Suchdol – Březiněves), the planned extension of the D8 motorway, the construction of the Zdiby off-grade intersection and the connecting Prosecca radial. Another relatively massive construction of logistics centres in the vicinity also has a negative impact. The municipality is therefore an active participant in many proceedings concerning the environmental impact assessment of large construction projects in the vicinity of the municipality and the D8 motorway.

The municipality of Zdiby is the project leader.


The D8 Corridor Association of Municipalities and Associations began to take shape at the end of 2017, when municipalities and associations agreed on coordinated cooperation to protect their residents from the negative impacts of investment projects with territorial scope in the wider vicinity of the D8 motorway. In 2021-22 it transformed into KORIDOR D8, z. s. Its members are 4 cities, 29 municipalities and 8 associations.

KORIDOR D8, z. s. is a partner of the project.

Village Vaksdal

Vaksdal is a municipality in Vestland county, Norway. It is located in the traditional county of Nordhordland. The administrative centre is the municipality of Dalekvam. Vaksdal is an industrial municipality, which has developed around factories using hydroelectric power sources provided by the mountainous terrain and rainy climate.

The Bergensbanen railway line between Norway’s two largest cities, Oslo and Bergen, and the main road between the same cities, the European route E16, pass through Vaksdal.

The municipality is currently dealing with a linear construction project on its territory (K5 – new railway and E16 Arna-Stanghelle), which is a joint project between Bane NOR and the National Road Administration, which aims to build a safer and faster road and rail route between Bergen and Voss.

The municipality of Vaksdal shares with its Czech partners and the public the experience of how gouvernement works in large transport projects. It offers up-to-date knowledge of the Norwegian way of open and transparent communication with all those affected by the K5 – new railway and E16 Arna-Stanghelle project.

Vaksdal municipality is a partner in the project.

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